I’m HoZoBoRoLo

AMZ Accout Seller

AMZ Old Buyer Account with 1 Purchase History from the Year 2015(only USA)

Please Read the Description Carefully Before Use

-Delivery via eBay Massage (no physical item shipping).
-Need (1-12 Hour) maximum for shipping.
-Accounts not Refundable After First Login.
-Those account created with Fakemailgenerator.com and you will get instruction for amazon login verification code.
-Before Login use USA region VPS/Proxy.
-Don’t delete the previous shipping address and
-Copy and save previous shipping address phone number theme after the first login.
-This is unused prime subscription account so you can active prime using VCC
-Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions on Skype in Below.

[Note: Don’t login multiple account in one browser]


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